Your ENV in MEAN Stack Training

Introduction, why your development environment is important?

Peace & hello everybody, we hope you have a great day with us, especially on the day that you’re going to take a step forward and prepare your development environment for MEAN apps.

Now be careful, I warn you, sometimes this process is the most crucial and important part of your journey as an entry software developer since most of your major problems will be related to versioning.

This tutorial will help you to avoid this kind of problem and to play with versions safely.

We will be installing and working with the following:

  • Code Editor (Visual Studio Code) ++Valuable Extensions
  • Git Bash
  • Node.JS & NPM
  • Upgrading Node.JS, NPM & Using NVM
  • Angular CLI
  • Rolling to another Angular CLI Version
  • MongoDB & MongoDB Compass
  • Git

1. Code Editor

Visual Studio Code, also commonly referred to as VS Code, is a source-code editor made by Microsoft with the Electron Framework, for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

With support for hundreds of languages, VS Code helps you be instantly productive with syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, box-selection, support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts, easy customization, and community-contributed keyboard shortcut mappings let you navigate your code with ease.


To install VS Code on your machine, go ahead and visit the following link: https://code.visualstudio.com/download

Valuable Extensions:

  • Live Server: Live server extension provides the live preview of your web application right within the editor. This is handy and useful for front-end developers.
  • Prettier: This extension performs the formatting of the javascript, CSS, and HTML code.
  • Path Intellisense: This extension makes the development time faster by autocompleting file names. You type the name of the files in statements and it will search and give you suggestions.

*You need to have VS Code installed before you install these extensions.
*You can also find more valuable extensions on this link.

2. Git Bash

Put simply, Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows OS environments that provides Unix-based shell utilities and experience for Git command line commands. Git Bash emulates the Git command line experience that Unix environments have, for Windows users.


To install Git Bash on your machine, go ahead and visit the following link: https://git-scm.com/downloads

*It’s better to choose the recommended options in the Git bash installation unless you know what you’re doing.

3. Node.JS & NPM

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on a JavaScript Engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser, which was designed to build scalable applications.



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